Monday, February 6, 2012

NEWS STORY: Slovak Mardi Gras to feature cooking, traveling demos (Daily American - Somerset, PA)

Tracing her family's Slovakian roots was something Kay Ann Cober had always wanted to do.

Four years ago, the Berlin resident and former Meyersdale teacher made her dream a reality by traveling to Kamjunka, Slovakia, with her family to visit relatives of her grandparents.

Cober's grandparents came to America in the early 1900s in search of freedom and a better life. Her grandfather, a coal miner, arrived in 1904. Her grandmother arrived four years later. They settled in the Johnstown area.

"They came here in the search of the American dream and they found it," she said. "They passed on a work ethic. They worked hard and they believed in hard work."

Cober, who has been studying her family's genealogy for years, was thrilled with the outcome of her visit to Europe.

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