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The Sustainable Environmental and Economic Partnership, s.r.o (SEEP) is a Slovak-American partnership established in 2004 to support a sustainable rural economy through cultural preservation and environmental restoration. SEEP is licensed under Slovak law to provide a number of services.

Our company mission stems from an active interest in protecting and improving the environment of Slovakia. Clean water is essential not only for good health, but also for the creation and maintenance of a sustainable economy.

SEEP has considerable expertise in the design of decentralized, alternative wastewater treatment systems, and has been instrumental in the construction of innovative systems in Nizne Repase, Tichy Potok, Krasna Luka, and Nalepkovo.

SEEP is experienced in restoring agricultural lands that have been damaged by decades of abuse and collective (socialist–style) farming practices. The erosion of soil from farmland reduces production and is a major source of stream pollution. It causes damage to homes and the infrastructure of villages and exacerbates flooding. SEEP has developed a model restoration plan for three small watersheds above the village of Krivany, and is currently assisting the village and farmers to secure permits to implement the plan. This strategy will serve as a model for the restoration of agricultural land throughout Slovakia.

Believing that clean water is our most precious natural resource, SEEP ascribes to the philosophy that “What is good for fish is good for people!”

We are a progressive company that also believes in promoting the rich culture of Slovakia . In our fast-paced 21-first century world, Slovakia offers the world invaluable cultural treasures in the form of music, dance, crafts, cuisine, architecture and so much more.

SEEP supports these timeless traditions and is working to help artisans to find new markets and audiences that appreciate their crafts and the Slovak culture.

SEEP is also a licensed in providing custom travel and tour excursions and experiences for small groups of people. With this kind of focus, SEEP can enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of the experiences as well as maintain maximum flexibility in meeting individual expectations.
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